Worksite Health Promotion programs have achieved widespread acceptance in recent years. Implementation of these programs has been motivated by many factors, including an interest in improving the health of employees and a desire to provide additional employee benefits. It has also been proven that worksite health promotion can yield positive changes in employee health behavior and health status.

Would you take advantage of an opportunity to:
• Increase productivity
• Boost efficiency
• Reduce absenteeism
• Cut Insurance premiums
• Improve morale
• Grow the bottom line

These are among the possible benefits through our 12 Week Breakthrough Wellness Program designed especially for companies like yours.

The Challenge
Make a commitment to improving each employee’s health status by providing the opportunity and resources to become personally involved in the management of their care.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To increase the employee’s knowledge and self-awareness of reduceable health risk.
  • Achieve and maintain individual life-style changes conducive to maximum wellness.
  • Achieve and maintain voluntary program participation for high-risk employees.
  • Provide opportunities foe an environment, which will support practicing healthy behaviors.

What is the Breakthrough Wellness Program?
Our Breakthrough Wellness Program is a multifaceted program designed to improve the quality of your life by evaluating your present health status and making realistic suggestions for future improvement. This program can be offered as a benefit for employees at the worksite, separate and in addition to regular health benefits. The program includes all of the following components, which can be utilized depending on the needs and wishes of the employee and/or company:

  • A Personal Wellness Profile
  • Health Screenings Classes
  • Incentive Programs
  • Newsletters

The program can be adopted in full or as separate components.

For more information about our worksite wellness programs please contact Shay Gillham @ (432) 684-0844.