PAIN FREE TRAINING SYSTEMS is a fitness training method which retrains muscle memory and restores postural integrity by calling upon your body’s innate drive for alignment. The staff at Expert Fitness can screen your body’s functional ability to perform during daily activities or sports training without injury and PAIN FREE.
The corrective exercises are therapeutic in the sense they are designed to work with your body’s current ability and will retrain your core musculature to restore proper function, and naturally return you to a state of health.

  • Certified Trainers
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Professional Fitness Training
  • Back pain prevention and post rehab exercise programming
  • Semi-private training.
  • Pain free training systems

Good Posture

Good posture also means good prevention. If you have poor posture, your bones aren’t properly aligned, and your muscles, joints, and ligaments take more strain than nature intended. At Expert Fitness we’ll help you restore postural symmetry and do more with less effort, breathe easier, and feel great!

Your body is a dynamic structure with one segment aligned on top of another. If the right muscle works at the right time joint mobility & stability come naturally.

  • Poor posture leads to muscle imbalances
  • Muscle imbalances lead to misalignment
  • Biomechanics become altered
  • Injuries occur over a period of time

Restore your body core design with Pain Free Training Systems by Expert Fitness

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