Here’s how our semi private personal training program works:
We’ll custom design your 2 to 3 visit per week, 12-week Expert Fitness exercise and nutrition program in the same way we would for 1-1 personal training clients.

This program saves you money and at the same time maximizes your results.

It’s a great combination!

Semi private training is only $249 per month, which includes 4 personal sessions with a trainer, unlimited gym use and monthly program design. You can also add more sessions to train with us up to 5 days per week.

  • Certified Trainers
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Professional Fitness Training
  • Back pain prevention and post rehab exercise programming
  • Semi-private training.
  • Pain free training systems.

Your Trainer

Your Expert Fitness personal trainer/coach works with you in a semi private environment for 45-60 minute sessions in our state of the art private studio, monitoring your progress every step of the way. Teaching, motivating, supporting and empowering you to break through the barriers that held you back in the past.

You will share your 45-60 minute session with up to two other clients. Your trainer will provide instruction and support so that you can perform your workout on your own.

Although, many of our semi private training clients discover quickly that when you’re working hard enough, 30 minutes is often enough!

Our semi private training openings are going fast so contact us now to lock in one our few remaining spots.

Please call 432-684-0844 for Current Availability